Tuesday, September 14, 2010

You're Still Following?

You're still following? :)

I have cooked SOME in 4 weeks, but nothing new. Actually, not even anything that's worth talkin about. At the end of summer all my responsibilities get ramped up and we survive on fast-ish meals. Lots of tacos. Today I even broke out a can of tomato soup. It's exciting eating around here, I tell ya!

I do not foresee any new recipes on the horizon for another week or so and then I begin baking and cooking for my volunteers at work. They're my guinea pigs. They love it. Free treats are always a hit. Until then, please, feel free to check out my categories if you're interested. Autumn is my favorite season in which to cook so don't despair, I'll be up and posting yummy dishes soon. Thanks for hanging in there.

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Jewel said...

You're welcome! :-)
I understand being busy and I just look forward to what and when you can post here, Angie! God Bless!