Friday, January 4, 2013

Snowmen Cookies

Here's a highlight of Christmas baking day 2012.

The gang is working on Snowmen cookies, probably their favorite creative "dish" of the season.

Why do you ask?

Because over the years our snowmen have morphed into aliens, cartoon characters and even Ipods.  There's rarely a snowman among the creations. I think the snowman 2nd from right bottom row was Grandma's.  The clown (center) was a new idea this year. Thank you, Rhett.

This recipe is basically candy-coated Nutter Butters. How can you go wrong with that! It's snowman season for the next couple of months; these would make a fun treat.

Snowmen Cookies 


(16 ounces) Nutter Butter cookies
1-1/4 pounds white candy coating, melted
Miniature chocolate chips M & M's
minis Pretzel sticks, halved
Orange and red decorating gel

Using tongs, dip cookies in candy coating; allow excess to drip off. Place on waxed paper. Place two chocolate chips on one end of cookies for eyes. Place M & M's down middle for buttons. For arms, dip ends of two pretzel stick halves into coating; attach one to each side. Let stand until set. Pipe nose and scarf with gel or frosting.

Servings: 32 cookies
Recipe by: Taste of Home

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