Saturday, April 18, 2009

Gotta' Watch Sam!

I ran across this cooking show on FitTV with Sam, the Cooking Guy, as the star. He is SO funny, but best of all, he makes delicious food that is simple and good for you. Really.

I taped several episodes of this new show and had my boys watch it late one night this past week and we can't wait to give some of Sam's recipes a try. When we get to one, I'll let you know how it goes. Until then, please go to Sam's site and check out some of the recipes for yourself. If you get DiscoveryHealth or FitTV try to find a show and let me know what you think of this crazy guy. I hope you'll love him! Just click here to learn more.

PS. If you watch the video on the site, it DOES NOT do Sam justice. Just watch one episode...the burger one was mouth-watering, the pasta one - oh, my! I wish I could remember the one in which he talked about when to get a haircut...might have been the burger one...anyway, hope you'll give him a try. You can also see him cook here - click on recipes with videos. (the Ice Cream Sandwich Deal is funny.)

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