Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sam's Recipes

We tried some of Sam the Cooking Guy's recipes! It was a lot of fun...we sounded like such foodies while critiquing the recipes at the dinner table.

We first tried Ginger Scallops. (I'm not going to print the recipes here since you can find them online through the links.) I DID NOT care for this recipe because I'm not a fan of a lot of ginger. Mark was wondering why I would want to try this recipe in the first place because of that fact...I guess I was caught up in the prettiness of the dish or something. Anyway, even though I did not care for the dish all that much, I DID EAT about 5 scallops (2 to start, 3 as seconds) so I didn't "hate" it that bad, did I? :) It is scallops, so how bad could it be? Anyway, if we try the recipe again, we will use half the ginger, add a little garlic and increase the green, that sounds yummy.

The recipe was super easy to make and it looked very pretty. My family did not really care for this recipe either, btw. If you LOVE GINGER, then give this a try.

Pretty in the dish

Pretty on the plate

Next we tried Chicken Spring Rolls. We LOVED THEM! That's putting it mildly...there were so many moans of ecstasy and full tummies it was silly. We are making them again tonight so we can share the recipe with my Dad who's coming for dinner. We LOVED THEM! I had never tried anything with egg roll wrappers before; it was easy & fun making this healthy dish. Spring rolls or egg rolls from Asian restaurants do not compare with these; these are packed with so much flavor. Tasty! We didn't use deli chicken. I think Mark picked up a box of Perdue original roasted chicken "something." (pieces, slices?) I then shredded the cold chicken for the recipe. It worked just fine. Want to see a picture?

We thought we'd leave off the sesame seeds - didn't know if the kids would like them. They didn't change the flavor profile at all and we thought the ones with the seeds were prettier. Next time we'll probably add seeds to all of them. I do have ONE LITTLE PET PEEVE...Sam doesn't give you cooking times (he uses the excuse that our ovens are all different.) That means you're totally in the dark when it comes to guessing how long it will take to get the spring rolls to a golden brown. We let ours cook for 20 minutes. Come on, Sam, give some general guidelines! We could have timed our two dishes a little better if we had known.

We've created little blog monsters...they love taking pictures of food now before each meal.

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